DIY – Plastic Bracelets



How are you? I’m felling old… 


Well, Monday, I heard out about this really nice plastic bracelets on my school, and when I found out that, WE are the ones who create them I thought: “I really have to try it!“, so today, I did it. 


On my today’s lunch brake, I went to the store who sell the plastics ‘things’ from the bracelets, and since I had already learn how to make them, I tried to do it… And guess what!! I MADE LIKE 7 OF THEM TODAY!! 


They’re just so easy to make!! And they’re completely addict once you learn how to create them! Besides, you have so many many types of bracelet that you can create and you can mix the colors you want!!! 







So, I hope you enjoyed and see you next post!! 


Love, Rachel.


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