Billboard 2014 – Re-post

This year was a big year for some artists like Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Imagine Dragons. And why? That’s simple, just look how many billboard awards they won!! Insane! But, more insane then that, was the red carpet! So many outfits!! Some of them are just rubbish for me, but the others! And taking word of the One Direction’s song ‘I wish’: “OH HOW I WISH, THAT WAS ME’….


So, I’ll leave you with my Big Billboard faves (or not)!!Image5 SOS, one of my faves for sure!! I mean, they’re such a mix! But, they’re a perfect mix! Look how those clothes fit with each other!! And I mean, let’s be serious… With Luke’s clothes, so fancy, so rock, so hot!!!




Let’s be honest, Austin Mahone, to me, it’s just another copy of Justin Bieber, and what ever you have to say, it’s true… And one of the many proves that I can show you, it’s his Billboard outfit choice… And his hair?! #dead




And just like Austin’s choice, Cher Lloyd’s, choice was a dressed that she stole from her grandma… She’s normally so pretty at this kind of events… I don’t know what crossed through her mind…




Iggy, you know what?! Just, Let me tell you that I’ll support every choice you make, but that dress… I don’t if I can take it… I mean… So perfection in  only one picture!!!!




Jason, always charming on his on style!!!


Ok, so, Kylie gave a brake from her spotlight and decided to dress her pajama… Really girl?

As for Kendall. Ok, your my style queen and I should obey to all your wishes!


Kesha’s style has been getting better through the times. And that night, she looked like a princess…


I really liked Lucy’s choice, but the thing that I really don’t like, is the end of the dress… I don’t know, it just looks a bit strange…


All I have to say: Q-U-E-E-N.

xoxo, Rachel

Diva’s Style – Eleanor Calder #1

Gooooddd afternoon people!!


How are you doing?!


So, I was thinking, and since I don’t have a topic to talk about everyday, I decided to create a ‘thing’. Let me explain to you.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll post a style or look for some Diva, like in this case, Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend. I just reallllyyy like her style, and hey! No HATERS ALLOWED!


So, please leave a comment to tell me what you thought about the outfit, and if you liked it, please like the post. Also, let me know who you want me to do the next outfit! Image

Topshop: Cardigan, Top, Shorts, Purse, Lipstick, Eye shadow, Nail Polish.

Shoes: Vans


xoxo, Rachel

Today’s Choice #1



How are you guys doing? I’m fine, but, Jesus… It’s so hot!!


Well, today I went on a field trip with my class mates to some museum… Guess what? BORING!! But, since it’s so hot, I choose this clothes…. I really liked them… They’re just sooooo casual and you can use them to so many things!!


Also, I tried to apply less makeup, and give it a touch of spring with some pink shadow… Hope you like it!!














Bracelets: DYI – Plastic Bracelets 






sorry for the quality, I really didn’t had that much time to taking a photograph :c


Eye shadow: L’oreal Paris

Concealer: Kiko

Mascara: Catrice Cosmetics

Eyeliner: Essence 


Hope you liked the post!! See you soon!!


Love, Rachel


DIY – Plastic Bracelets



How are you? I’m felling old… 


Well, Monday, I heard out about this really nice plastic bracelets on my school, and when I found out that, WE are the ones who create them I thought: “I really have to try it!“, so today, I did it. 


On my today’s lunch brake, I went to the store who sell the plastics ‘things’ from the bracelets, and since I had already learn how to make them, I tried to do it… And guess what!! I MADE LIKE 7 OF THEM TODAY!! 


They’re just so easy to make!! And they’re completely addict once you learn how to create them! Besides, you have so many many types of bracelet that you can create and you can mix the colors you want!!! 







So, I hope you enjoyed and see you next post!! 


Love, Rachel.