Diva’s Style – Eleanor Calder #1

Gooooddd afternoon people!!


How are you doing?!


So, I was thinking, and since I don’t have a topic to talk about everyday, I decided to create a ‘thing’. Let me explain to you.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll post a style or look for some Diva, like in this case, Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend. I just reallllyyy like her style, and hey! No HATERS ALLOWED!


So, please leave a comment to tell me what you thought about the outfit, and if you liked it, please like the post. Also, let me know who you want me to do the next outfit! Image

Topshop: Cardigan, Top, Shorts, Purse, Lipstick, Eye shadow, Nail Polish.

Shoes: Vans


xoxo, Rachel